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 Every design has a backstory

Design today means so much more than space! It talks of personality, convenience and style. Studio Detailine brings spaces alive with fresh perspectives, attention to detail and a multi-layered infusion of nature. Our spaces are a reflection of our client’s aspirations embodied through fine craftsmanship, finesse and style.

Our founder Leanne Alcasoas along with her Portuguese Heritage brings the nuances of her culture and identity into the design process.Studio Detailine embodies uniqueness through diversity, experimentation and an inclination to be hands-on.

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Our team brings together art, architecture and social development to imagine spaces with a persona of its own. We look at design as a holistic process and provide wholesome solutions from constructing the shell to customizing furniture and stylising your space. We love the challenge of creating exciting spaces and work closely with our clients and workers and our work is extremely personalized.

We promise you a space that echoes your persona and enriches your living experience!

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Studio Detailine is an endeavor to make design more inclusive. We decided to infuse more heart into the business by focusing more on the ethics and the process. 

We believe that the means is as important as the end and that the backstory is a significant part of our design narrative.

We look at design from 3 points of view, that of the user, the designer and the worker. We look at innovative ways of creating spaces that are sustainable, in harmony with nature and promote well being. And no matter what challenges we are presented with, we ensure a high quality of space and utmost customer satisfaction.

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